The Bhagavad-gita is the essence of all Vedic literature, which are the ancient yoga texts of India. With its 700 verses it conveys the truth of karma, yoga, meditation and reincarnation.

The Gita is a conversation that takes place between Krishna and Arjuna on a battlefield. In this introductory course we will be exploring the various angles of vision in the Gita, how to appeals to everyone and what its ultimate conclusion is.

The course is set out over 7 weeks. The sessions will take place on Saturday between 6 pm and 7:30 pm. We will charge £ 21 for the complete course. This is payable in advance or on the first session.

21st April – Introduction: The Five Topics of the Gita
28th April – Chapters 1 to 3: Basic Philosophy
12th May – Chapters 4 to 6: Knowledge, Karma & Yoga
19th May – Chapters 7 to 9: Entering Bhakti
26th May – Chapters 10 to 12: Krishna & His Process
9th June – Chapters 13 to 15: The Yoga of Wisdom
16th June – Chapters 16 to 18: The Conclusion

For more information please contact Mantriraja Dasa on 07551 962 196 or email