Our Vision

Mission Statement

To establish a contemporary world class centre, which is non-sectarian and makes the Sanskrit yoga teachings accessible to the population of Wales.

Our Aims & Objectives

Ty Krishna Cymru aims to promote physical and mental well-being through accessible education and training in yoga, meditation, lifestyle and wellness and to unite communities across the country with affordable and accessible methods of personal development.

Ty Krishna Cymru’s main objective is to make our services in meditation, yoga, lifestyle coaching, and volunteering accessible throughout Wales. We are focussed on developing various outlets for wellness retreats, self-improvement seminars, yoga classes, study groups, and community events. With Ty Krishna Cymru as the headquarters, we aim to set up and maintain satellite centres across Wales to support mental and physical well-being in the local area. Ty Krishna Cymru seeks to offer the most reliable, holistic guidance in yoga, meditation and wellness.

Our Aspiration Is To:

  • Improve the wellbeing of disadvantaged and hard-to-reach communities
  • Provide educational resources to raise awareness about yoga, meditation and bhakti lifestyle
  • Provide a safe, sustainable and accessible environment for all learn about self-development and spirituality
  • Maintain a cultural heritage site
  • Increase community cohesion